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For those families that have long average phone call times, BBPGlobal´s low untimed call rate of 10 cents per phone call, provides great value. As this comes with no contract and no monthly fees, it is also likely to be the best value for VoIP users that don't make a large number of calls.

The low cost for Direct Indial phone Numbers (DIDs) and the availability of phone numbers in most Australian capital cities along with numbers in New Zealand and Canada make BBPGlobal an attractive VoIp Service Provider for obtaining your Direct Indial (DIDs) Phone numbers.

Note that it is allowable to have Direct Indial (DIDs) phone numbers from a different VoIP provider to that being used for outgoing calls. Consequently, many satified users of other VoIP service providers will find that BBPGlobal is better value for obtaining the Direct Indial Phone Numbers


The following are some of BBPGlobal´s advantages:

  • No contracts, no setup fee.
  • $0.00/month access fee.
  • Ability to setup Dial plans so that you can dial like on a local phone.
  • 10 cents untimed anytime to any Australian landline phone
  • Ability to redirect DIDs to either another VoIP phone or to any real phone. Note: Some VoIP Service Providers will block incoming VoIP calls like this. You need to check with your VoIP Service Provider first.
  • Ability to have multiple channels for one or more of your DIDs. This allows you to receive multiple calls simultaneously to the same incoming phone number.
  • Redirection of your DID from the internet. Redirection occurs immediately after hitting submit. Note that if it is redirected to a landline or mobile phone, there will be additional call charges. For redirecting to landlines anywhere in Austalia this can be simply a 10 cents untimed charge. The cost depends on the call plan you choose.
  • Able to choose call plan and change it at any time.
  • Free calls to users of most VoIP service providers including other users of BBPGlobal.
  • Free calls to International toll free numbers (USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand).
  • Free Voice Mailbox.
  • Take care of your own account, a full self care website is available
  • BBPGlobal has set up gateways to recieve calls from most Australian capital cities as well as from Auckland, Wellington and Toronto Canada. This allows Interstate, Canadian and New Zealand callers with standard landline phones to phone you for just the cost of their local call to the gateway.


To ensure that OzValue can give you full support
1) Use this BBPGlobal link when you place your order
2) Please email OzValue (see below for email address) after ordering.

There is no extra charge to have OzValue as your Melbourne Agent and there are many ways that OzValue can add value to your VoIP and Internet Services.

For more information check out the BBPGlobal Website but be sure and use the earlier link above for any orders.


For any purchases or enquiries please contact Ken at phone (03) 9809 2083 (International + 613 9809 2083).

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