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This website demonstrates a newer style of website design with heavy use of CSS technology instead of the older client side languages such as javascript. The use of CSS gives no security problems to the final users of the website

For a full description of these services see, the sister site to OzValue.


As the older technologies of client side programming languages such as javascript represent a security risk for the web user many users are turning off their ability to use them. The use of CSS makes for future proofed websites. The major bodies creating standards for the internet have stated that CSS is the future direction for web development.

For more information on standards that future proof your website we suggest you checkout the following:

W3C guide to buying standards compliant Web sites. W3C is the main standards body for the Internet.


At the bottom of each webpage in this website are two button icons. One is labeled CSS and the other HTML. By clicking on one of these, the web page will be evaluated for compliance with the relevant standard.


Try running your mouse over the menu or scrolling this page.

Notice that the design is all very simple. Easy for all users to understand how to navigate, yet imparts extra knowledge with extensive use of help notes that appear as the mouse is positioned over various items on the web page.

Also try using the mouse to change the width of the websites. Users don't like using horizontal scroll bars. A good website should re-adjust as the dimensions of the screen or window changes. This re-adjustment should be done as far as practical without creating horizontal scroll bars. Even this page will create a horizontal scroll bar if you make the window thin enough but this doesn't occur until you bring it far thinner than is likely to be used in normal circumstances.

The use of large paintings as backgrounds with scrollable transparent content on top is part of a style developed by this web designer. We hope you like it.


Some other websites designed in this style (and hosted on this server) include the following: The paintings used for the pictures in this website were all painted by this artist. A Gallery of a top Australian Artists paintings;

Zexie.comA large range of Domain Names available for people to use to create email addresses. Associated with these email address boxes is a great range of abilities to help stop spam. A Range of Professional Email addresses; These domain names are international .COM domains that are for sale. A range of Domain Names suitable for Business Trademarking;



One aspect of the above websites that isn't immediately obvious is the design towards spam control.

For most web sites, the internet presence of the website provides an opportunity for spammers and scam artists to harvest email addresses. Most website owners want their clients to be able to email them. In fact, they prefer to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to contact them in as many ways as is possible.

You will find at the bottom of each page of this web site an easy email link that allows you just to click it to send a standard email. You will also find on the contact page a standard form for users to fill out if they prefer to contact you in this manner.

While these methods of contact appear to show the email address, they are actually hiding it from the robots that the spammers use. This is combined into a multi level approach that consistently stops the spammers from reaching you.

Unfortunately these spam reduction techniques are an aspect of web design that most other web designers are not up with.


For any purchases or enquiries please contact Ken at phone (03) 9809 2083 (International + 613 9809 2083).

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