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Except for those whose average phone call is very long, Freecall prices are by far the lowest in Australia. This is true for making local, national and international calls and for calls to mobiles.

Their price of 1 cent per minute to any landline phone in Australia with no flagfall is simply spectacular. Their international rates have also undercut all competitors with USA, most parts of Europe and China at only 2 cents per minute. Calls to Australian Mobile phones are 25 cents per minute.

The cost of this service is only $5/month but there is a requirement to pay 6 months membership initially.


All VoIP calls are free. Note that in the case of Freecall, this ability to call other VoIP phones for free is not restricted to just other users on Freecall. It includes any VoIP phone with any service provider where you can obtain the phones standard SIP address. That is a VoIP dial address of the form

Similarly, you can recieve all VoIP phone calls for free.

Freecall has set up gateways to recieve calls from most Australian capital cities as well as from Hong Kong and Auckland. This allows Interstate, Chinese and New Zealand callers with standard landline phones to phone you for just the cost of their local call to the gateway.

Calls to any Australian 1800 number are also free.

An additional advantage of Freecall is their great documentation for setting up your equipment. On the left hand side of their home page is a menu covering just about all VoIP equipment with all the best configuration settings specified individually for each item.

All call details are available to their members on-line. This includes free and chargeable calls


The Freecall service comes with a great set of standard facilities. These include the following:

  • Voicemail: Email notification (with/without message attached). Members Dial 101 to retrieve messages. Members are able to setup personalised greetings.
  • Call Control Facilities: Call Forwarding, Call forward all calls, Call forward when busy, Call forward when no answer, Control via Web or phone.
  • Phone Book: Store up to 9 numbers in system memory. This includes complex VoIP dial strings such as
  • Backup Diversion: Divert your calls to any phones or voicemail. This is automatically activated when your phone is not connected. Diverted calls are charged at their low call fees as shown above.


Freecall are able to provide Direct Indial (DID) Phone Numbers providing you with your own Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth phone number. You are allowed multiple Direct Indial Numbers. Consequently, you are able to set up multiple Virtual Offices making it appear as if you have an office in each of these Cities.

These phone numbers cost an additional $7/month each.


At additional cost, Freecall also have additional facilities suited to SOHO and Businesses use. These provide facilities you would only expect with very large PABXs in a large organisation. For SOHO and small business these can provide the appearance to the outside caller of a large professional organisation. See the ´Auto-Attendant with real-time call flow management´ and the ´Multi-parties conference´ on the freecall website for more information


Credit card authorisation is required. You need to set up an Automatic recharge account where you preset low balance and topup amount. For Example: Add $20 when balance is less than $5. Prepayments can be made by credit card, Bpay or Cheque. A Tax Invoice is supplied by email.


To ensure that OzValue can give you full support
1) Ensure you place ozvalue as the ´Refer by´ when you fill in the order form:
2) Please email OzValue (see below for email address) after ordering.

There is no extra charge to have OzValue as your Melbourne Agent and there are many ways that OzValue can add value to your VoIP and Internet Services.

For more information or to order the Freecall service. check out the Freecall website.


For any purchases or enquiries please contact Ken at phone (03) 9809 2083 (International + 613 9809 2083).

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